How does a 48-year-old man spend his Saturday?

First, he goes to his niece’s birthday party and then follows that up by letting his niece use on of her birthday gifts on him.


Please note I was under duress at the time. That “duress” being my son and other niece climbing on top of me and holding me in place. 

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May 5
Good look with the hat or no? I hope it is because I’m planning to wear it at my company’s conference later this month. It’s snazzy.
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May 7
Apparently our washing machine has a leak. Katie and I did a preliminary investigation and have determined it’s likely not the pump, which is good. It’s completely dry and covered in dust bunnies. Nor is it a break in the...


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Suzanne Apgar

Awwww. You look so cute!

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