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May 29
Okay, I lied a little yesterday when I said I wasn’t going to recap our vacation at all. I will. Just a little. In the form of photos. These are from the second leg of our trip, which was down...
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May 31
Unlike in April, where I made a late surge in reading, I read five books in the first half of May and then hit a lull when we went on vacation. Here's the recap... Here’s what I planned to read...


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Suzanne Apgar

I did not know there was an Apgar St. in SF!! Glass beach looks rather depleted. Was the first house the one from Mrs. Doubtfire? What are the others from? I love the shot of Nate with the ice cream sundae I'm guessing was from Ghirardelli's.


Apgar Street was actually in Oakland. My friend Abe who was there for the conference happened to stay at an AirBnB on it and snapped a pic so we went and found it too.

First house is Mrs. Doubtfire, second is Painted Ladies, third is Full House. Later on, after Yoda fountain, is Pym Mansion from Ant-Man, Reese’s apartment from Just Like Heaven, the school from Princess Diaries, and their firehouse home also from Princess Diaries.

Donut ice cream is from Milkbomb in Berkeley.

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