Apparently our washing machine has a leak.

Katie and I did a preliminary investigation and have determined it’s likely not the pump, which is good. It’s completely dry and covered in dust bunnies. Nor is it a break in the tub or drum.

All the moisture is in a back corner near where the drain tube from the tub meets the coupling and runs out a second hose to the in-wall drain. All the moisture in the underside of the washer is located around this area. And the clamps holding the hoses to the coupling are rusty, which seems to support this theory.


We contacted the manufacturer who, based on our description, seems to agree.

I think we’re going to try to fix it ourselves. Wish us luck, will ya?

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May 6
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May 8
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Suzanne Apgar

You guys are good at that kind of thing. I'm sure you'll get it working just fine.

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