This is a still capture from the series finale of Ted Lasso right after McAdoo’s penalty equalizer…


Do you see it?


Chicago Greyhounds?? Maybe Ted and the fam move a bit northeast? Maybe a spin-off set in Chicago? One can only…


More thoughts about the finale coming soon. Playing some severe catch up here.

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Kevism: Beer…

Jun 9
Wow! When you don’t have beer for a while (it’s probably been a couple months for me), it really does not taste good on that first sip. Especially when you kick it off with a double IPA.
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Jun 11
Nathan signed up for a beginner’s Dungeons & Dragons class through our park district and it was held today. The plan was to drop him off and then Katie and I go work out for a while (we signed up...


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Kevin Spencer

I will truly miss the cast of Ted Lasso. In many ways it would be great for them to continue the story somehow without the titular character. And while I thought season three was _slightly_ weaker then the previous two, it didn't alter my opinion of the show as a whole. Great work all round. As an aside, Apple TV+ are knocking it out of the park of late. Slow Horses, Severance, Silo, Shrinking.


Season 3 is definitely a lower tier than 1 & 2 but, like you said, not enough to harm my impression of the series overall. 

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