Taped 21…

It’s amazing to think that for a good few years, I was going nuts about purchasing tapes. Now? Not so much.

Yes, I still love cassette tapes and love listening to them and still prefer them to vinyl, but I just don’t enjoy the hunt like I used to.

I’m fairly certain that I’ve only bought a grand total of four tapes this year, none of which were used. All were new release albums purchased to support an artist I like.

Yeah, I still do that. If it’s an artist I really like that doesn’t have the level of income of a U2 or a Foo Fighters or a Taylor Swift, yeah, I buy their album either physical or digital through Bandcamp to get more money in their hands.

Jeff Rosenstock… Chris Farren… Night School… Supermilk… Vandal Moon… Magdalena Bay… Dead Surf… 

the forthcoming Hellmode by Jeff Rosenstock

Never heard of them? Yeah, not surprised. They’re not famous top 40 bands and, therefore, depend on fan support not in the form of streaming residual pennies but album sales, merchandise purchases, and concert tickets. Since I can rarely afford tickets to or finagle my schedule for concerts, I opt for albums and merch.

So that’s about what my tape-buying life has been reduced to. And I’m okay with it. 

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Aug 28
As I posted on Saturday, Nathan and I went out to Spirit Halloween and American Science & Surplus checking out Halloween costumes and decorations and the like. He's been struggling trying to figure out what to dress as this Halloween...
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Aug 30
That blue moon tonight was pretty spectacular. Not particularly huge but bright as all get out. I just wish these lunar events were easier to shoot without spending thousands on crazy photography rigs.


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Marty Mankins

It's been years since I purchased a cassette tape for myself (aside from the Iron Maiden one I got for you). I know your love of cassettes and it inspired me to keep my current case of cassettes I have had for years.


Do you still pop in a tape every once in a while? Such a throwback, isn’t it?

Marty Mankins

I still need to get my only Walkman fixed to play the cassettes. I have been looking on eBay for another player to have one around.


Are you only looking at Walkmen or boom boxes and component sets as well?

Marty Mankins

Just Walkmans at this time. I had a cassette deck years ago when I had a home receiver setup.


I loved the sound from my component stereo but that thing was a beast. Hated how much room it took up.

Kevin Spencer

Yeah regarding concerts, it's the both the price and scheduling around, well, life. Tickets are outrageous, t-shirts are expensive, parking etc.


I don’t have the patience for any of it these days.

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