Aug '23...

A busy and fast-paced month, indeed. But a productive one. Let’s review.

Music Play

Some great new-to-me stuff. Loved all of it!


Chris Farren 
Doom Singer


3D Country




Ima Robot
Another Man’s Treasure

Camera Play

Check them out on Instagram.

Word Play 

I am still well ahead of the game on my reading goal for the year.


Fitness Play

Six days of positive stepping isn’t a lot but it’s an improvement over last month. Throw on top a gym visit and a couple bike rides and that’s positive momentum. Gotta keep it going.

Blog Play

Every day, baby! Take a look at this (blue are active post days)…


Purge Play

Some more donations prompted by trading in my car for our new Rogue. Too much crap and then we threw some piles of old clothes into the mix for Goodwill as well. 

Update Play

This is it!

September? Dang. Let’s do this!!

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Aug 31
I didn’t commit to as many books in August as I normally would or that I would need to read to make my annual goal (five per month) if not for the fact that I was already way ahead. Here’s...
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Sep 2
I hate when I find things the origin of which I know not. Like this little knickknack. I found it while cleaning out our cars today. Any idea what it is? I cannot figure it out at all.


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