This is why I like to get ahead on my reading goal early, it allows me to plan for the inevitable wall I’ll hit at some point during the year when I have zero desire to read (or listen) to a single page of text.

This is happening to me right now as I reported last week. I just have had zero desire to read and that has lead to me rushing in the final week to try to get at least something done.

That “something” happened yesterday in the form of finally finishing my first book in Sunyi Dean’s The Book Eaters.


I actually started this at the tail end of August so I spent a full month trying to get through these 295 pages. An average of 10 pages a day when my goal was to read 25 per day and finish on the 12th.

Well that didn’t happen.

There’s still a chance I could finish a second and third book if I really hunker down the next couple of days. Maybe a fourth beyond that as a stretch goal. But that fifth book I said I’d read? Yeah, that would require a miracle. 

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Sep 26
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Sep 28
I have officially hit four months soda free… AND IT HURTS SO BAD!!! I JUST WANT ONE GINGER ALE, DAMMIT!! JUST ONE!!!!!! Okay, maybe all six.


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Marty Mankins

I am still in awe how much you read every year.


I’m in awe that I manage it.

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