Nothing quite so much fun as finding a killer deal in a store.

Nathan and I went out today to Target to check out the toy department. Because, why not? I looked for some of my normal faves like Star Wars, Marvel, and G.I. Joe just to see if they had anything new. They did not. Ugh.

But then we looked on an endcap of clearance items and that’s when I found Marvel’s Fang just sitting there all by his lonesome.


To be honest, I know nothing about the guy. Never heard of him, in fact, until this figure came out. but he can’t have been too popular if he was marked down.

I wasn’t going to buy him but I was curious how much he was marked down because a lot of toy photographer friends have been reporting killer clearance deals they’ve been finding at both Target and Walmart, deals the likes of which Nathan and I had yet to find.

I scanned him at the customer scanning booths and he turned up with no price listed. Weird, right?

Then I found an employee and asked if he could help me figure it out. Ha ha. Get it? “Figure” it out? I’ll see myself out.

He scanned it and said this is usually indicative of something that is clearance-clearanced before being sent back to the warehouse. In cases like that, he explained, they get marked down about 90%. By his calculations, that would bring the cost of this figure down to $1.99… for a $20+ figure.

My plans to not buy it promptly went out the window because it would be stupid of me to not do that. I can learn about the character or just give him any story I want for that price!

And, to be honest, he’s a pretty badass figure!


Great face sculpt, great articulation, and extra hands.


He also comes with two Build-a-Figure pieces… the head of Ch’od and a Cr’reee pet that looks like a white-furred, four-legged plague doctor.


All this stuff is infinitely usable for a toy kitbasher like me!


Best $2 spent in a long time. 

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Marty Mankins

What an awesome find and deal. It's been eyars since I had a good toy find and deal.


You should give it a try.

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