Ho boy. Today I became that person. The person who puts wine in a coffee mug.


To be honest, it was far less about hiding it than it was about there just being a mug nearby and I didn’t want to dirty anything else. Kinda like Leroy Jethro Gibbs dumping out a jar of nails and pouring in bourbon instead of dirtying an otherwise clean cup.

Use what you got and I had a used (but rinsed) coffee mug and a desire to drink some white wine.

It was good white. First wine I’ve had in nearly a month. First alcohol I’ve had in nearly a month. 

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Sep 24
Thank you, Walmart (words you won't hear me say often), for providing me with the base design for what will surely become one of my Jack-o-lanterns this year! I love this. Simple and awesome.
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Sep 26
Nothing quite so much fun as finding a killer deal in a store. Nathan and I went out today to Target to check out the toy department. Because, why not? I looked for some of my normal faves like Star...


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