I was talking to my buddy today about weird U.S. state facts. Mostly like about how each state has its own official weird this or that. Illinois' state exercise is cycling. Arizona's official neckwear is a bolo tie. That sort of oddball crap.

I Googled for a list of weird state facts and found this list of 25 strange state symbols.

The one in the list that blew my mind is #9, New Mexico’s State Insect: Tarantula Hawk Wasp. But get this description...

The wasp — official name Pepsis formosa — is one of the largest in the U.S. The stingers alone in females grow as long as one-third of an inch, causing a sting that is said to be one of the most painful of any insect. The tarantula hawk wasp was named for its unique egg-laying habits: It hunts and paralyzes tarantulas, then drags them back to the wasp’s their burrows and lays eggs on them; when the babies hatch, they feast on the spider. 


WTF??? I wish I could un-read that. Hence why I'm sharing it with all two of you, my dear readers. If I have to suffer this mental image, so do you.

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Knowing the way you hate spiders, I'm sure that had to please you!!

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