Let’s face it, recidivism is alive and well in this world. Prison is not a deterrent to crime as much as it should be.

Given this, I like when, if the crime allows, a judge and jury come up with creative sentencing for criminals. Take, for example, the case of Rosemary Hayne, an Ohio woman who was arrested and tried for throwing a burrito bowl at Emily Russell, the Chipotle employee who made it for her. Hayne's rationale? She was having a bad day.

The judge initially sentenced Hayne to 180 days in jail but then gave her a choice… the remaining time in jail or “walk a mile in Russell’s shoes” by spending 30 days in jail and 60 days working in fast food. Hayne chose the latter. While she has yet to find a job in the industry, I’m sure she will. There’s a shortage of people willing to put up with shitty customers like Hayne.

I only wish Hayne had to give up that income earned to Russell who received no sympathy from her boss who made her finish the final four hours of her shift with rotting food on her clothes or from Chipotle corporate who did not support her at all. She wound up quitting and I can’t blame her.

I shared this story with Katie and she said she has always thought that if everyone had to work shitty retail or food service jobs for some reasonable period of time in their lives, maybe they’d have more empathy for those who still work those jobs, like my wife.

Mandatory retail/food service. I like it. How do we make it a reality?

And, yes, as I wrote this, I realized I totally contradicted my initial premise about recidivism. Jail time did deter her. At least in terms of the sentence she chose. Time will tell if it humbles her enough to keep her from being an ass again.


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