I was shaving my head this morning using a brand new blade and something happened that hasn’t happened in about 15 years… I tore a scrap of skin off my head.


Like I literally pressed just a bit too hard over a skull bump behind my ear and it ripped off a patch of skin about an inch and a half long and a half inch wide.

The kicker was that it took more than a half hour to get the bleeding under control so I could bandage it and, even then, I needed to change my bandages three times throughout the day.

But what’s weird is that, after all was said and done, I was more awake than I’ve been in months. I’ve been in kind of a fog. Nothing bad has happened, just that I seemed a bit “checked out.” Katie was regularly asking me if I was awake even though, to me, I was. But life became very mechanical, very programmed.

Scraping off this patch of skin and bleeding out for as long as I did “woke me up.” I haven’t been tired at all. My energy level is good. My attention span has been on target. I feel good.

UPDATE: Even a week later, I still feel really good. I’m only Tired when I should be, which is at night. Maybe there’s something to that old practice of leaching out bad blood. Not that I want to stick leaches on my body

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