You’ve gotta understand one thing… Nathan hates E.T. The Extra Terrestrial. Hates. He was freaked out by the character the first and only time he saw the movie with us and has since refused to watch it again. Flat out refuses.

But, being E.T., there are reminders everywhere. Videos on store shelves, toys and plushes in stores, scheduled replays on TV, anytime an Amblin Entertainment show or movie comes on the air. Even his beloved Funko POPs have any number of E.T. figures available.

It drives him crazy.

So imagine my joy when we rediscovered a 25-odd year old E.T. bendy figure I got on a package of Kraft macaroni and cheese…


I recently started playing a torturous game of Where’s Waldo wherein I hide E.T. and see how long it takes Nate to discover him. Usually it’s somewhere in his bedroom so he has to worry about it when he goes to bed each night. But I’m trying to get more creative.

I’m thinking about in the shower or his underwear drawer or even his lunchbox.

Any other ideas?

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Marty Mankins

Inside one of his shoes would be a good hiding place.


I like that!

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