This winter has been weird. We got some snow back in November that seemed to bode well for potentially having at least a moderately snowy winter. But then nothing until January when we got hammered with six inches over two nights. And then nothing again.

February is typically the snowiest month of the year for Chicagoland, as I recall. But we had nothing all month. In fact, by mid month, we had average temperatures in the 40s. This past week, we had several days with highs in the low to mid-50s. It was crazy!

Yesterday, we had a high of 51° but by 4:30 p.m., the temperature had dropped 10° and it started snowing! Completely unexpectedly at that. I looked outside and it was just some chunky flakes floating around that made me think there was a fire and this was ash. It seemed like the only reasonable explanation given I felt good going outside in a t-shirt just two hours prior.

Within minutes, the sky was gray, visibility was down to a quarter mile, and we were rapidly digressing to near whiteout conditions!


These pictures were taken by Nate as he and I drove out to run some errands after I finished work.








Where the heck did this come from??


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Feb 23
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Marty Mankins

Your weather is very similar to Utah, specifically SLC. But unlike your 70 degrees you mentioned in your Shorts post, the warmest we have had is 60 with high winds.


That’s still might impressive… and scary.

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