Nathan just took a Which Ghostface Are You quiz (link unavailable) that asks totally random and unrelated questions and spits back at you which of the, so far, 12 killers that have donned Ghostface’s mask in the saga you are.

He got Mickey Altieri and he’s not happy about it. Not that Mickey was bad – he was played by Timothy Olyphant, one of my favorite current actors – just not who he wanted.


Then I took the quiz. As I was answering the same oddball questions, Nate kept saying, “You better not get Stu Macher!”… his personal favorite Ghostface.

But as I kept answering the questions, I kinda started to feel a rhythm for what was going on and said, “I’m gonna get Stu Macher.”

Who’d I get?


Stu Macher, as played by the great Matthew Lillard.

I don’t think Nathan will ever forgive me. 

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Feb 25
Today, I saw Bob Marley: One Love, the biopic about the reggae legend. I’ve always liked Marley’s music and was really gonzo about it my sophomore year of college. Admittedly, I was expecting an overall life story. What I got...
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Feb 27
After getting snow in the second half of last week, a mere five days later, it’s 72°F outside and I’m wearing shorts. Seriously, WTF?? Oh, and it’s supposed to be back down in the 20s overnight into tomorrow with snow.


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