Today, while going to our niece’s birthday party, Katie and I tuned in to our first episode of New Heights, the podcast cohosted by NFL brothers Travis and Jason Kelce.


That’s not to say we haven’t seen or heard snippets on social media, we have. I’m fairly certain everyone has. But this was our first full episode.

I have to say I kinda liked it. I wasn’t expecting to. But those two have a genuine love for American football and it shows. They are upbeat and positive even when talking about teams, players, and coaches that would typically be considered a rival to one of their own teams, Eagles for Jason (although he’s reportedly retiring) and Chiefs for Travis.

Funny thing, though, is that you can certainly tell which brother is a parent to young children. How? Count the f bombs dropped by Travis and then pay attention to how safe Jason’s speech is. Yup, Jason is a parent. No question.

An hour and a half long weekly podcast is an about an hour and a half longer than I have committed to listening to podcasts since before the pandemic. But I may try. Not catch up, just keep up. 

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