Jan ‘24…

Already a month has breezed by! Dang. We are now into the month of Katie! How did I do leading into it? Let’s see, shall we?

Music Play

Bleachers was the only band here that I enjoyed. The other two did nothing from me at all. And TBH, I was familiar with (and really like) that one Bleachers track that was everywhere last year, “Modern Girl.” But I didn’t know them otherwise.


David Kushner
Skin and Bones


Birth of Omni


Tiny Moves EP

Camera Play

Check them out on Instagram.

Word Play 

I’m two books ahead of schedule. Woo!


Fitness Play

I did not hit my step goal at all in January. Not once. But I did go to the gym twice. Yeah that almost makes up for it. 🙄

Blog Play

Starting 2024 strong!


For the record, if a date was in black, it would be a miss. Blue is a blogged day.

Purge Play

Lots of clothes, shoes, and coats donated. Nathan is also co tributing to this goal by clearing out bins of toys. He has gone through five bins and has donated two bags of toys while recycling or trashing a whole cart’s worth of crap.

Update Play

This is it!

See you after Leap Day. 

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Jan 31
I think keeping a goal of no more than five books a month is going to be the best way to move forward with my monthly reading goal. In January, I planned to read: Caitlin Schneiderhan’s Flight of Icarus (Stranger...
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Feb 2
Apollo Creed Al Dillon ”Action” Jackson Chubbs Combat Carl Greef Karga All Carl Weathers. Rest in Peace, legend. Carl Weathers, 1948-2024


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