Today, I saw Bob Marley: One Love, the biopic about the reggae legend. I’ve always liked Marley’s music and was really gonzo about it my sophomore year of college.


Admittedly, I was expecting an overall life story. What I got was an examination of a year and a half of his life ranging from mere days before the Smile Jamaica Concert on December 5, 1976, to the start of the One Love Peace Concert on April 22, 1978.

We saw the assassination attempt on Bob that nearly derailed the SJC and almost killed his wife, his flight to London, the creation of Exodus, his European tour, lots of soccer and jogging with the Wailers, and his cancer diagnosis. Then it was the OLPC. Then it was over.


I have to say I was underwhelmed.

The acting really was good. That wasn’t a concern. But the writing just did little for me. The film was presented very matter of factly and we, as an audience, were dropped into the start of it with no context and it was assumed we knew what was happening. Plus we only got tiny snippets of his past in the form of select short cut scenes and an evolving dream state memory that served as the only real information that we get on his father.

Meh. I expected better especially when the movie was prefaced by Bob’s son Ziggy telling us how proud his family is of how the film turned out.

Here’s hoping Dune 2 leaves me more satisfied. 

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Marty Mankins

I will be seeing the movie this Sunday. I am curious how it will play out for me, not being a big fan of his music.


Save the money and see Dune 2 instead!

Marty Mankins

I was invited to the movie by good friends. I tried to suggest Dune 2, but neither of the 4 people I am going with wanted to change the movie we are seeing.



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