I’ve been listening to Did I Ever Tell You This?, a memoir by Sam Neill, the actor behind Dr. Alan Grant from Jurassic Park and Cpt. Borodin from The Hunt for Red October, two of my all-time favorite movies.


It turns out one of Neill’s side hustles is to run Two Paddocks vineyards in New Zealand where he was raised and continues to live. One of their varietals, the pinot noir, is a pretty major award winner.

I decided to look into US distribution of which they only have in the state of Virginia, so basically pointless.

But then I noticed they do have distribution in Vancouver, BC, Canada, where I will be traveling in May.

I contacted the distributor because why not? He replied within an hour on a Sunday night (which impressed me until I just now realized that is Monday morning for him) and said it would be no problem. He’ll find a store closer to where I will be staying and have it held for me.

How awesome is that??

And one of my coworkers has asked for me to expand the order to two bottles. Heh heh. 

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