It’s amazing how crippled we as humans become when we have a cellular outage.

AT&T is suffering a massive outage that’s affecting a large chunk of the nation. Other carriers are reporting outages just not necessarily as pervasive as AT&T. (FTR, the red line below means it’s down, the chart is a generic visual reference to the number of users reporting outages.)


This is a great argument for maintaining our home land line. But considering this is the ONLY time that continued investment would’ve paid off in the last five years since we cut it and the cost has gone up for some ridiculous reason, it’s still not worth it.

Right now, I can’t call Katie and she can’t call me. I can text because I’m at home and our WiFi is up, but she won’t receive it until she is on a WiFi network. I don’t have my cellular hotspot. I can’t even track her on the Find My app because it relies on a cellular network.

I’ve gotta check and see what things at work are affected.

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Marty Mankins

I wasn't affected too much as I was home during most of the outage. Just some Google Maps not working right for direction to a store and Find My app not working. As of this morning, they sent an email saying they are giving everyone $5 credit. Big whoop IMO.


They sent me an SMS apology but no confirmation of a refund.

Marty Mankins

My bad... it wasn't an email but a news article I saw. I got the same SMS apology message.



That I saw as well. I just wasn’t sure how they’d be letting people know.

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