Just when you think kids don’t pay attention to things, they blow your mind with some random thing proving that they probably pay attention at a totally different level than us oldies do.

Last night, for example, Nate and I were watching Sandlot and it got to the scene where the kids go to buy the baseball they use as a stand-in for the Babe Ruth signed ball that Smalls’ stepdad has in his home office. As we watched, Nate exclaimed, “Hey! Vincent’s Drug Store! Just like in Halloween IV! It even looks the same!”

I broke out the IMDb app and started digging up filming locations.

This is Vincent’s Drug Store from Sandlot


And according to IMDb…


This is Vincent’s Drug Store from Halloween IV


And according to IMDb…


So the same store in Midvale, Utah, unofficially sold baseballs (and maybe the chewing tobacco from the carnival scene) to the sandlot kids…


as well as the clown costume to Jamie Lloyd…


and provided the replacement mask that Michael Myers stole…


And if you take what they say at the end of Sandlot to heart about Squints growing up to marry Wendy and buying Vincent’s Drug Store and owning it “to this day,” than I guess you have to accept that Squints or one of his employees ordered and sold the costume and mask that resulted in so many deaths in Haddonfield.

Pretty cool that Nate caught that and I didn’t. So freaking random and obscure.

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