I am so confused about this solar eclipse that’s happening on Monday. People are going nuts about it. They’re taking off work. Traveling to places where their view will be better. Pulling their kids out of school.


Correct me if I’m wrong… this is the moon coming between the Sun and the Earth, right?

What’s the big freaking deal?

And don’t say “This is a once-in-a-lifetime event” because that’s complete bullshit. The only difference between this and the solar eclipse that happened in 2017 — a mere seven years ago, not a lifetime — is that the totality of this one will be nearly five minutes, not 2.5 like 2017.


Oh and the visible swath will be more amenable for North Americans, supposedly. So long as Mother Nature plays nice, which she’s not predicted to do.

So what gives? Please explain.

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Kevin Spencer

Back in the pre-covid days when we still had an office to go to, I remember all of us going outside with our eclipse glasses to see the 2017 one. I think I said "cool" and then 10 seconds later walked back inside. Once you've seen it once, I think you're good for the rest of your life. Until I read this post of yours I'd kinda forgotten today was the Eclipse. 🤷🏻‍♂️


It’s freaking everywhere. I couldn’t forget it was the eclipse today if I wanted to. And it was very underwhelming.

Marty Mankins

We had about 30% eclipse coverage here in Utah. I traveled to southern Utah to see the one 2017. I admit that it was pretty cool and hanging out with many people. I think the positive on this is appreciating the science that they can predict to the second when its going to happen.


It’s crazy how exact that science is, right?

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