Much as I expected, the 2024 solar eclipse came and went with a whimper, to be honest. It just… was.

And, yet, after all of that, people were still saying it was the greatest thing they had ever encountered. I mean, I dig cool space stuff as much as anyone but this? I dunno.


We did wind up with an incredibly clear day but it was so clear and bright that you couldn’t even see Venus in the sky like we were supposed to.

But I pulled Nate out of school a little early and we went to a park with a bunch of neighbors and the kids hung out and played and beat up a near-impossible-to-break piñata that was brought along for entertainment value. So maybe the congregation of it all was something that made it cool.

Yeah, that part was cool. Would’ve been cooler if Katie was able to get off work. 

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Marty Mankins

So how did Nathan like the eclipse? How much totality were you able to see from there?


He thought it was cool. Would’ve been better with total totality. But we only got about 85%.

Kevin Spencer

I was on a conference call when it happened. But it did look weird outside - the colors were off and it just didn't look right. My wife went outside with her kiddos at school and they all had a blast. And really that's what it's all about.


That is very true.

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