Nathan’s buddy came over after school today to hang out. About an hour into their time, Nate came down to make a bag of  microwave popcorn because they decided to watch a movie.

I didn’t think twice about it.

Then he came down to make a second bag just before my work day was to end and that, for some reason, became the time I decided to think twice about it.

“So what are you two watching?”

Scream,” Nate replied.

“Oh good. Two eleven-year-olds watching a slasher horror flick under my watch.”

“No, dad, he’s still 10.”



So I texted his mom and said, “I know it’s too late to do anything about it, but you’re okay with them watching Scream, aren’t you?”

Thankfully Nate’s friend did text his mom in advance. Turns out he’s seen Scream V but just hasn’t seen any of the ones leading up to it.

My parenting status is safe… for now. 

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Apr 14
Gotta admit this week’s SNL was pretty decent. Honestly, any episode with Ryan Gosling is gold, but this one… “Close Encounter” cold open with Kate McKinnon… Monologue with Emily Blunt… “Get That Boy Back” with Chris Stapleton… Caitlin Clark on...
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Apr 16
Katie and I did something we never expected we would do… ever. We watched a pro sports draft event. Not just that, we watched it live. And it was for women’s basketball. That’s right, we watched the WNBA Draft. Willingly....


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