Snippets 2024.01…

Snippets? Me? I haven’t done one of these since December 2022 and I know I’m gonna regret doing this instead of splitting it up into multiple posts to cover my lazy butt down the line. But let’s see how it goes anyway, shall we?

Kurt & Layne

I’ve known that today was going to be the 30th anniversary of the death of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain for a while. What I didn’t realize was that this date (April 5) was shared with the death of Alice In Chains frontman Layne Staley in 2002. Not a good date for two of the four grunge anchor bands. I never got to see Nirvana live, but I saw Alice In Chains open for Van Halen back around 1991 and loved every second of it. That show changed my life.


RIP Kurt and Layne.


Tonight I did something completely inconceivable to me… I rooted for the University of Iowa in a sports ball game! Which game? Well, duh, the NCAA women’s basketball semifinal game between the Hawkeyes and the University of Connecticut Huskies. I admit to being full in on the Caitlin Clark bandwagon. She’s just a ton of fun to watch. Although she didn’t turn it on until well into the third quarter and the Huskies almost ended her collegiate career without a single championship win.


R.I.P. My anti-Iowa pride.


Tonight we tried those new Little Caesar’s pizza puffs and they were pretty damn good! No sauce inside. Just crust, cheese, and pepperoni cooked to a nice crunch factor.


R.I.P. my petite waistline.


Why do I like this trailer for the new horror movie Abigail so much? I totally want to see it in theaters.

R.I.P. my avoidance of vampire flicks.


Tonight we were at a birthday party for my niece Emma at a local indoor pool and water park. About an hour or so into the party, all the kids were evacuated from the pool because someone pooped. Well, they cleaned it all up and, while we waited, the kids ate pizza and cake, so it all worked out. But still…


R.I.P. my trust of public pools

And now it’s bedtime. 

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Kevin Spencer

I really miss Layne Staley. What a talent. What a shame.


Me too, dude. Me too.

Marty Mankins

Kurt and Layne dying 8 years apart. I never saw Alice in Chains with Layne. I had tickets to see Nirvana in December 1993 here in Utah but a snow storm prevented me from going.

Alice In Chains was more of a draw for me than Nirvana. I have since seen them live a few times. Miss Layne a lot. I regularly listen to the Mad Season album "Above". Layne's vocals.... damn good.


Damn good, indeed.

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