Y’all know the comedy and the tragedy, right? The two masks with faces representing the two primary genres of literature?


It seems we have a similar situation with the sponges in our house. One is really old and getting a little sad and soft around the edges and looks an awful lot like a literal tragedy. While the new one I just broke out is all kinds of comically happy.


Maybe we just need to change out sponges more often. 

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Mar ‘24…

Apr 1
It’s April! Remember the old days when all us bloggers pulled April Fool’s prank posts on each other and people actually read and fell for them? Those were the good ol’ days. Music Play More good stuff to distract me...
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Apr 3
Well, it certainly wasn’t a lack of desire to build that thwarted us with that Stranger Things puzzle. We started this last night… And finished it less than 24 hours later… Sure, this is 1/4 the piece count of ST...


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