I guess there really wasn’t anything to worry about. Crossing the border into Canada at Blaine, Washington, was a breeze.

Signs leading up to the I-5 crossing said a <5 minute wait and they weren’t kidding. We were second in line and got up to the officer station in no time. He asked us a few questions, seemed to show a little genuine interest in what was going on with my company trip and then waved us through.


In fact, the biggest issue we had was that less than a minute after crossing, our phones lost their signal despite AT&T stating we have coverage in Canada and Mexico as part of our plan. We were afraid to touch Katie’s phone because it was using offline maps and must’ve preloaded our route into Vancouver. I was afraid trying anything else would make us lose the route.

Once we got to the hotel and all was safe, we found out we didn’t have roaming turned on. Whoops. 

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May 19
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Marty Mankins

Ah yes... the roaming option. With unlimited data, I've left roaming on permanently and only fiddle with it if there are data issues.


Haven’t turned it off yet.

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