Today, while building a Space LEGO set he just bought with some of his giftcards, Nathan announced that he wanted to watch a space movie.

Of course, being me and given his track record of not wanting to watch them in the past, I threw Star Wars out there to see if it might stick.

Nope. No dice.

So I threw Star Trek out there thinking he might be interested since I had the first of the Kelvin Timeline trilogy from J.J. Abrams on yesterday and he caught bits and pieces.

Again, no.

He then said he wanted to watch something a little lighter. I suggested and explained the concept of Galaxy Quest. I also related to him some of the cast list including a few he knows very well (what he knows them from is in parentheses) like Tim Allen (Toy Story), Sigourney Weaver (Ghostbusters), Alan Rickman (Harry Potter), Sam Rockwell (Iron Man 2, Trolls 2, and The Bad Guys), and Justin Long (the new Goosebumps series).


He was intrigued. So I turned it on and… he LOVED it. He’s very excited to know that we have it digitally so he can download it to his iPad and watch it anytime he wants as well.



I wonder if this is still happening. 

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Marty Mankins

That is great he loved it. Such a great movie. And cool you are introducing him to other sci-fi films.


I am trying my darnedest.

Kevin Spencer

This is such a great movie. Added to the ol' much watch again list.


Worth every second of viewing time.

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