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May 22
On these annual company business trips that I just wrapped yesterday, we do a big group activity on the workday where we split into teams and play along with some fictional storyline that is developed by an outside company intended...
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Vancouver ‘24…

May 24
And here are some random photos from in and around Vancouver this past week.


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Suzanne Apgar

Seattle is a cool city!


You went all the way to Tacoma to Shake Shake Shake? Nice!


We took the ferry across to Bainbridge Island and then drove down to Tacoma and back around. Nice long loop but Shake Shake Shake was totally worth it!! And we had wanted to take the ferry anyway so it worked out nicely.


It truly is!

Suzanne Apgar

What is Shake Shake Shake?


A burger and shake joint in Tacoma.

Kevin Spencer

Those photos are bloody fantastic mate.


Thanks, dude!

Marty Mankins

Those are great photos, with a nod to the Chris Cornell statue. The Experience Museum is so cool.

Shake Shake Shake is cool. It's been years since I've stopped there. The ferry to Bainbridge Island is always a must visit for me.


I love how that Cornell photo turned out with the rain on his face.

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