The first full trailer for Wicked is finally here and, dare I say, it looks wicked!

Katie and I have seen Wicked on stage in Chicago and it was mind blowing. We were privileged to see Ana Gasteyer from Saturday Night Live in the role of Elphaba and she was amazing. After watching the trailer above, though, I have no doubt whatsoever that Cynthia Erivo is gonna grab that broom and soar!


Ariana Grande looks like she will also be good as Glinda but her bleached blonde eyebrows are wigging me out in a big way.

Nate, being Nate, is looking most forward to Jeff Goldblum as the Wizard. He loves everything that he has seen Goldblum in and it’s a pretty safe bet he’s his favorite actor.

And Michelle Yeoh. C’mon! She’s great even when the movie she’s in sucks rocks.

I seriously cannot wait. 

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suzanne apgar

When does it start? I've seen and loved it!!


Part 1 is supposed to be November 27. Part 2? Maybe late next year?

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