To be filed under “I’ve Really Got Nothing Better To Do” comes this gem of a fifty states breakdown of favorite “Dad Rock” bands.


(click through on the link at the top to see an interactive version of this map and clarity on the band logos… I had no idea who was Alabama, either)

While the methodology section waaaaaaaaaaayyy at the bottom leaves a lot to the imagination in terms of how it was conducted – Was a finite list of bands presented to respondents or could they say anyone they wanted? Who are the respondents and how old are they? – I appreciate the effort and get a kick out of the results.

As I told a friend with whom I was discussing this survey, though, you just know Chad Kroeger bought his way to the top of the list with concert tickets. A Nickelback conspiracy, I tells ya!!

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Marty Mankins

Both of our states share Van Halen. Rock On to us dads.



Kevin Spencer

Love Linkin Park, great choice for AZ.

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