Let me introduce you to our one and only hanging plant this year…


Nathan and I bought it for Katie for Mother’s Day, much to her chagrin. Why? Because it was only about a week after Mother’s Day that we were leaving for Seattle and Vancouver and Katie figured it would die and, thus, be a massive waste of money.

She was right.

We came home from our trip and this thing was fried. All the flowers were dead and the branches were flattened and roasted at the bottom of the pot. Apparently we got zero rain while we were gone.

Yup. Total waste of money.

But a day or so after we got back, instead of trashing the plant and recycling the plastic pot as Katie instructed me to do, I poured some water in it and it ran right through the hole in the bottom. A couple days later, I did it again. And again. And again.

Then we saw some signs of life. Not everything was flat and there were what appeared to possibly be new buds! We picked off the dead buds and started pruning away at branches that were beyond hope.

Here we are three weeks after vacation with a plant that looks better now than it did when we bought it!

Yes, the picture above is the reborn plant. Not how it looked when we bought it. And we only gave it sun and water. No Miracle-Gro or anything else. Water from our faucet.

Sorry, Jud, sometimes alive is better. 

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Glad your's lived cause ours didn't.

Marty Mankins

Revived a plant. That is way cool.


A first for everything!

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