Being an employee of a 100% remote company, I can technically work from anywhere I want… coffee shop, library, my car, Guatemala. As long as I have a secure Web connection, I’m golden.

But if you think I’m leaving the comfort of my home air conditioning anytime this coming week with the predicted heat, you would be wrong.


I ain’t going nowhere. 

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Jun 16
I just had a dust up with a fellow toy collector about women and minorities and their representation in toy lines and I just can’t this was too much. It started with a photograph I took that became a discussion...
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Jun 18
To be filed under “I’ve Really Got Nothing Better To Do” comes this gem of a fifty states breakdown of favorite “Dad Rock” bands. (click through on the link at the top to see an interactive version of this map...


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Marty Mankins

Being a (mostly) work from home person, I am enjoying the air conditioning in the high 90's low 100's heat we are having here in Salt Lake City.


A/C gooooooooooddddd.

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