Puzzle 7a…

I woke up this morning and saw this on our kitchen table…


For context, whenever a puzzle is present, I’m prone to placing pieces just out of force of habit. I cannot help myself. And, last night, when I went out with my brother, Katie and Nathan decided to start a new puzzle.


That I can’t touch.

I haz the sadz.

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Jun 18
To be filed under “I’ve Really Got Nothing Better To Do” comes this gem of a fifty states breakdown of favorite “Dad Rock” bands. (click through on the link at the top to see an interactive version of this map...
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Jun 20
Katie and I have spent the last couple of nights watching the U.S. Olympic Swim Team Trials on NBC. Being the Olympic junkies we are (hell, we named Nate after Olympic swimmer Nathan Adrian), we’re having fun watching and can’t...


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