We went to the library yesterday to sign up for the summer reading challenge. I walked up to the table and announced our intentions, she said hi, and then she started typing in her laptop.

“I have accounts here for Kevin, Katie, and Nathan. Are you all signing up?” Katie and I confirmed we all were. What Katie didn’t realize at the time but I noticed immediately was that I only said what we wanted to do and hi to the librarian. I never told her our last name.


So I told Katie a bit after we walked away and… I think she is officially weirded out.

We live in a mediumish sized town. Not a big city but not a place where everyone knows everyone. In fact, I rarely recognize people when I do go out.

But, years ago before Nathan was born, I was part of the library foundation, a fundraising wing. We’re talking 12 years ago, though. I resigned shortly after Nate was born because I just didn’t have the time.

I’m not sure if we need to spend less time at our library or we just need to stop being so adorably recognizable. 

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