It’s been a long time since I took scenery shots that weren’t vacation related. For some reason, I decided to do just that last night in the car in the way home.

A single shot. And a little prayer that it turned out okay. I think it did.


Don’t worry. I was the passenger. 

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Jun 8
Time to start a project I promised to do for Nate nearly a year ago. I need to turn this… Into this… So Nate can turn this… Into this… Wish me luck. This is REALLY fine detail paint work I’ll...
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Jun 10
In addition to the Hobie head I have to paint for Nate, I received a couple blank head prints from my toy photog buddy Charley that I’m looking forward to trying my hand at… Not sure what I’m going to...


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Marty Mankins

Oh wow. That is a great capture.


Thank you! I was shocked how well it turned out. Phone cameras have improved so much.

Marty Mankins

Yes they have. Even my iPhone 13 mini takes good photos. Although I look forward to next year when I will upgrade to the iPhone 17 Pro.


I’m gonna try to make my 14+ last as long as possible especially since we’re coming due to get Nathan his first phone. Ugh.

Marty Mankins

Nathan first phone... wow. Growing up fast.


Too fast.

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