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Story Sunday 2015.09...

[Author's note: I know I said all my pictures in Story Sunday would be candids and that the subject would ideally not realize they are being photographed. But, yesterday, I went to my first comic con and I wanted to use that as the subject. I'd also read that cosplayers don't mind being photographed so long as you're up-front with them. So I asked and he was cool with it. Not candid, but definitely cool.]

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Story Sunday 2015.04...

I'm a nice guy. Really, I am. You'd have to be to invest such a large amount of money into a limo and then give up a significant chunk of your life to drive people from point A to point B. Most of them are pretty nice, too. They know that I'm doing them a favor; making their lives easier but not subjecting them to the horrors of driving on the expressway and finding and paying for parking.

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