21 years ago, upon graduation from grad school, Katie and I dove into Sex and the City. It was already most of the way through the run of the show but we could get it from the library on DVD and I had my first DVD player in the form of a ROM drive in the side of my PowerBook G3… coincidentally, the same model used in the show by Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) when writing her column.

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After catching my nearly 100th viewing of Hidden Figures last night on TV (that's a movie I can watch from any point at any time in any mood and love it), I had a hankering to listen to some tunes today from Ms. Janelle Monáe (Mary Jackson in Hidden Figures). I've always loved her music and knew her as a musician for many years before she made her first foray into acting.

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A co-worker had a little technical issue with a SaaS solution at work today. It was similar to one I had a week ago, so I mentioned it and told her what to look for. She did and was able to confirm that what we experienced was the same issue and would likely resolve itself with a little patience. Basically, it was a system glitch that would clear up, but none of her data was lost as she had feared.

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