Entertainment 2010-14


Wow! It is such a fantastic time to be a fan of Cleveland sports! The Indians make the postseason by winning a one-game playoff against the dreaded New York Yankees and, due to their inspired play and sudden surge in fans, they aren't going to move to Florida as originally thought! And then the Browns pull some clever moves in the NFL Draft and screw over the Seattle Seahawks by nabbing not only a number one pick in Vontae Mack but also a number seven in RB Ray Jennings! If only I could be in Cleveland to help them celebrate what is sure to be the start of a dynasty in two sports!

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On behalf of Katie and I, I would like to offer up our sincerest apologies to the players, managers, employees, and fans of the Kansas City Royals. Why apologies? Because Katie and I were not only rooting for you to win the World Series, we actually tuned into a big chunk of game 7 last night. Every time we tuned in, San Francisco scored. We think we may have jinxed you. We're sorry.

We promise not to watch next season.



This past weekend, I finally got around to watching Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Nope, never saw it in theaters and that's okay. My library got it for me on DVD, which allowed me to watch it for free. I can handle the wait. Usually happens only a handful of months after the movie is in theaters anymore. Not like the old VHS days where you could wait years for a home video release of a movie, if ever.

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