Nathan 2012-14


To our dear sweet Nathan,

I think I can safely speak on behalf of both your mommy and I that we never realized the capacity for love that we've found we have for you. You are, simply put, the most amazing baby in the world and it has been a sheer joy to raise you this last year (and watch you grow in your mommy's belly for several months before that).

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Nathan's energy and level of daring seemingly know no bounds. While it can certainly be entertaining to watch, there have been known to be mishaps as a result of it.

And, as you would expect, most of said mishaps are occurring with just a little more than a week before we're planning to go get his one-year pictures taken. Nothing like having cuts, scratches, and potential black eyes on his photos, right?

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Last night, Katie and I were getting Nathan ready for bed.

The problem we have with him, though, is that no matter how tired he may seem downstairs -- the eye rubbing, the ear pulling, the yawning, the whimpering -- once he gets to his room and sees the stuff up there that he doesn't have downstairs, he gets a second (or "fifth") wind. So we have to let him play for a little bit.

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The worst part about being a parent are the scares.

Actually, the worst part about having anybody in your life that you care about are the scares. I mean, when you're by yourself, you worry about yourself. That's really about it. You find that special someone and you take it upon yourself to try to take care of them as well. Not that they can't take care of themselves effectively, but you want to do your part because you care.

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