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I absolutely adore Google Chrome browser tab groups. I mean, it was pretty revolutionary when they introduced browser tabs way back whenever, but to then build on that by having browser tab groups where you can create a master tab with sub-tabs in them? I love being able to keep multiple tabs open that are related to a project and then group them under a client/project name. It has made my work life so much more manageable.

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Less than a year ago, Disney+ bumped up the cost of their ad-free streaming from $6.99 for those of us early adopters to $10.99 per month. Two months ago, they decided to nix a ton of their original content, by completely removing it from their service, including a handful of shows and films that we all enjoyed watching. Today, the House o' Mouse announced another rate hike, from $10.99 to $13.99 making it just a penny over double the cost that it was when we signed up.

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