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Tu(n)esday: Political...

I know most of you have, at the very least, heard of the band Rage Against the Machine. They were a heavy metal/rap-rock band that started in the early 1990s and are very well known for their highly politicized songwriting. They are, IMHO, the guitar-driven equivalent of my beloved Public Enemy, although Megadeth is up there as well.

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Drafts 03...

Much like the previous Draft post, this is one where I apparently wrote the Totally Unrelated Aside (TUA) before the main post without the benefit of knowing whether or not they're truly (un)related. But this is a topic that does bother me to this day. And I still feel the same way as posted below. Oh, and this dates back to 2009. I don't have the original date as I kinda screwed up the posting of this. Oh well.

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Before I get into this post, I need to introduce you all to Dr. David Gunkel. He is an author and professor at Northern Illinois University, my alma mater. He was also the man who taught me coding and was part of my graduate thesis committee. He's also very heavy into artificial intelligence and robotics.

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