The Web 2010-14

April Fool's Day...

I'm terrible at April Fool's Day pranks on my blog. I tried it once and I felt so bad after pulling the prank that I decided never to do them again.

Last year, my plan was to announce that Katie was pregnant on April Fool's Day and see who, if anyone, actually bought it. Just as I was about to pull the trigger, Katie and I decided we weren't quite ready to announce and it would've been in pretty bad taste anyway. I'm noticing this as I read all kinds of fake pregnancy announcements all over Twitter and Facebook today.

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Ease of use...

Yesterday, I received an email from a musician of whom both Katie and I are fans. We've seen her play live three times and have loved it each time.

Naturally, since I rarely get to go to concerts with Katie (she doesn't go to Pitchfork due to a severe fear of festivals, crowds, and smelly hippies), I was intrigued enough to investigate ticket options for this artist's upcoming tour.

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I dragged you back a sleepyhead...

Several months ago, when it was announced that Facebook was purchasing Instagram, loyal IG users the world over quaked in fear over what travesties could befall their beloved service at the hand of the devil, Facebook.

For a while, it seemed our fears were for naught as nothing happened, good or bad.

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And I swear...

I like to swear. I'm very good at it. I'm not talking Al Pacino level or anything. I mean, that dude can swear like nobody's business. I do strive to be like him, though.

Well, I did anyway. Until the point in time where Katie and I found out that she was pregnant. That lifetime of dedication to the fine art of verbal cursing came to a screeching halt. I'm told that kids are sponges and, whether you realize it or not, they pick up what those around them say and do and feel.

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Come around to my way of thinking...

For several months going on a couple years now, people have been claiming that Google has quickly been devolving into a big, nasty, corporate monster capable of being fiendish invaders of privacy and web user rights, a state of being that they were renowned for decrying in other corporations. I wasn't really buying into it.

Until today.

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