Year in Review

Kevin's 7: Comics '19...

My second Kevin's 7 list of 2019 is nigh! And it be all about the funny picture books we all love so much. Much like last year, I had a lot of fun just reading graphic novels and collected editions of comics. In fact, I really didn't read any individual comic books at all. I just wait until a collection is available and then go to town on anywhere from 4 to 7 issues in one fell swoop. It really is the best way to go... until you have to wait another 4 to 7 months to continue the story. C'est la vie.

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YEBO 2014: Music...

Per a post from Tankboy calling out music reviewers for publishing their best-of lists too early, I decided to delay mine as close to the New Year as possible. No, I'm not going to wait until 2015, but I did push it off as much as I could allowing myself as solid a shot as possible to listen to 2014 music. Hey, December 28 ain't too bad for a YEBO Music list, right?

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